A few photos

So I’m still feeling a wee bit blank over here in terms of writing blog posts but I have photos. Lots of them. Here are some of I’ve recently shared on Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram 01

While Stella may look all cute and innocent in this photo, about two seconds after this shot, she had a hissy fit and tried to bite me. Buns have moody moments too ya know.

The same can’t be said for Seamus. He’s always in a good mood. Or perhaps I should say a crazy, almost maniacal mood. Boy has to slow down (or take some Valium). When he takes some time out for a nap, I must admit, it’s much more peaceful around here. Please let his teen phase pass soon. Please!!!

We’ve had quite a few overcast and rainy days lately. While I do love a rainy day here and there, I’m quite excited for the forecast going forward. Lots of beautiful, summer days ahead of us.

Instagram 02

Hands down, my most liked photos on Instagram are the ones I share of my little zoo. I may be biased, but I’m not surprised, they are damn cute and I love them to bits (most days).

Instagram 03

So, we FINALLY got all the wood work done in our condo this week. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have doors again! Hello privacy. Everything looks fantastic and the new baseboards really bring out the concrete floors. I’ll share photos soon. Anyway, as a result, work was a little on the light side due to all the noise and disruption but I did work on some labels for dellie products amongst other things. As you can see, I had some company. There’s always an animal or two under my desk.

Have a great weekend everyone!